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Februar 2020



Ist eine energetische Diagnose- und Therapiemethode und gibt Auskunft über den Energiezustand Ihres Körpers.

Wer braucht Holopathie?

  • Jeder! – und das gilt auch für den anscheinend Gesunden, dessen Risikofaktoren erfasst und beseitigt werden können, bevor noch organische Mängel aufgetreten sind. Vor allem Stresssituationen (Umweltbelastung und innerer Stress) erhöhen die persönliche Umweltbelastung. Denn chronischer Stress unterdrückt das Immunsystem und kann so praktisch alle chronische Erkrankungen auslösen.
  • Anwendungsmöglichkeiten:
    • In der Vorsorgemedizin, bei chronisch-degenerativen Erkrankungen aller Art, Immunschwäche, bei chronischen Infekten, Allergien, Neurodermitis, Ekzemen, Hormonellen Störungen, Altersbeschwerden, in der Kinderheilkunde, bei Wirbelsäulensymptomatik, Verspannungen, Arthrosen, nach Verletzungen, in der Sportmedizin, als Begleittherapie bei Tumorerkrankungen u.v.m
  • Behandlungsmethode:
    • Die Holopathie ist eine komplementäre Behandlungsmethode. Ausgehend von der Traditionellen Chinesischen Medizin kann das Bestehen von energetischen Blockaden in den einzelnen Ebenen des System Mensch klassifiziert, diagnostiziert und behandelt werden.

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Holopathy: A Holistic Medicine

Holopathy is a complementary form of medical treatment.

In addition to acupuncture and homeopathy, rules were identified which defined how the individual systems of the human body are energetically linked to each other.
What distinguishes holopathy from other conventional natural healing methods is that these rules do not only apply to the organs, skeleton and muscles, but also encompass the vegetative nervous system and the brain.
Holopathy is so successful precisely because health problems, chronic ailments and allergies are closely related to metabolic and energy blockages of the brain.
Holopathy has a holistic effect, because it purposefully and routinely treats the central nervous system as well.

The term “holopathy” underlines the fact that this method is designed to restore the wholeness of the individual. The violation of this wholeness resulted in a malfunction of the organs.

Holopathy is a sub-discipline of bioenergetic medicine. It combines a computer-supported biochemical and energetic diagnosis and therapy on the basis of an acupuncture system.
Holopathy works with an electronic diagnostic and therapeutic device.

The starting point is the roots of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM – system of five elements). On this basis, the existence of energetic blockages on the individual levels of the human energy system can be determined.

This not only enables the identification of ENERGETIC BLOCKAGES BUT THEIR ACTUAL CAUSES as well, for example environmental burdens and chronic subconscious stress reactions.

Therefore, holopathy does not involve signals (illnesses), but deals with ILL PEOPLE and the actual underlying causes.

Holopathy makes effective treatment possible without side effects for chronic ailments which were previously difficult to treat.

Holopathy works with the body’s own regulative powers. For this reason, chronic ailments can be relieved or even cured by ACTIVATING the BODY’S OWN SELF-<HEALING POWERS.

Even for people without any ailments, the seemingly “healthy” people, it is important to identify and remove risk factors before any organic illnesses arise!

Why do an increasing number of people feel worse and less content in today’s world – and suffer from a broad range of symptoms?

° First of all, food and drinking water are full of heavy metals, pesticides, hormones and antibiotics, up to the very limits of what is tolerable. This involves electric smog caused by mobile telephones, satellite receivers, computers and high voltage power lines as well as microwave ovens and latent radioactive burdens caused by testing atomic weapons, breakdowns in atomic power plants and satellite crashes – the fallout of which contaminate all food chains and in particular, the final ones in the food chain, namely human beings. There is also the case of the growing burden of waste gas emissions caused by traffic and industry, and the fact that our immune systems are being overburdened by vaccinations and amalgam fillings. Moreover, people are subject to even greater stress because their senses are being overly stimulated, and underlying social structures are breaking down.

The consequences are the increasing wiliness to act aggressively, drug addiction, and the abuse of alcohol and antipsychotic drugs.

All these stress reactions raise an individual’s personal environmental stress.

Chronic stress suppresses the immune system, which in turn can lead to practically all malfunctions of the organs.

A therapist can measures these chronic stress catalysts in the organism with the help of a computer, and prescribe targeted therapies.

° Second of all, people feel worse and less content and suffer from various symptoms due to pollution and allergies, the burdens of heavy metals, other environmental poisons, incompatibility with different foods (milk, pork, wheat, rye, etc.), and other allergies, such as pollen, dust mites and pets.

° Third, there is electric smog, the geopathic burden on teeth or allergies against fillings for cavities (amalgam), infections, metabolic disorders or degeneration, tumor risks, chronic centers of inflammation in the musculoskeletal system, and burdens on the nervous system, to determine which inner stress is caused by fear, inferiority complexes, disappointments, aggression, insults, etc.

Holopathy also treats the brain. For this reason, the therapist not only treats the physical but also carries out tests to measure, identify and prescribe targeted treatment for the psychosomatic factors underlying the malfunctions of the organs or the sick people.

This possibility makes holopathy so effective, particularly in the case of chronically ill people.

A holopathic session consists of two parts. First, the energetic blockages are measured based on electronic acupuncture in line with the system developed by Dr. Voll.

This is followed by energetic therapy, in which the patient is provided with bioavailable energy in a targeted manner in order to compensate for the energetic insufficiency and ensure a greater energy balance.

In this way, energetic blockages are dissolved and the self-healing powers of the individual are activated.

The principle underlying the measurement can be explained as follows: if the body is subject to a certain stimulus which is unpleasant or harmful for it, it defends itself with a standard reaction, namely stress.

This is usually characterized by increased circulation, a deterioration of digestion, an increase of the sympathetic nervous system vis a vis the parasympathetic nervous system.

The fact that the stress reaction leads to more subtle changes in the body is less well known.

If the body receives information or vibrations which are not compatible, it tries, for example, to protect itself on an electrophysical basis, by lowering the penetrability of the respective vibration.

This takes place practically on the basis of an increase in skin resistance, which in turn is particularly important with regard to the acupuncture points.
In holopathy, nosodes or vector information which the body considers to be pleasant are transmitted.

Accordingly, the acupuncture points (above all the points on the hand) react with a consistent penetrability with regard to the (very low) test current, or by lowering the penetrability during the measurement, which is reflected in a decline in the values indicated on the device.

The patient sits between two magnetic heads of the Quint Station, which is connected to a computer system, which has stored the vibrations of about 5000 substances.

During the test, the computer transmits the substance vibrations selected by the therapist to the patient.

This results in an instantaneous change in skin resistance, which the therapist can measure on the acupuncture points with the help of a special measurement stylus.

The measured values (test results) indicate if and to what extent the tested substance vibrations burden the patient.

Moreover, it is possible to precisely measure supporting vibration patterns of trace elements, plants, gems, homeopathic substances, Bach flowers, etc. based on an individual “vector”.

On the one hand, negative changes in the meridians which energetically burden and put a strain on the organs are measured. On the one hand, it promotes the processing of suppressed emotions and injuries.

During the therapy, the body’s own vibrations are collected via hand electrodes and returned in the form of biologically harmonious vibrations.

In addition, the doctor prescribes trace elements, plant tinctures, vitamins and herbal teas to further harmonize body, mind and soul.

There are no actual side effects of holopathy. However, reactions can arise on the basis of balancing and harmonizing the vibrations.